Two-wheel Smart Balancing Scooter



Two-wheel Smart Balancing Scooter


The electrification of mobility devices is accelerating globally to meet energy efficient and affordable short-distance transportation when
it is too near to drive and too far to walk.

EcoRider through Ninebot offer a range of self-balancing electric vehicles for moving around your neighbourhood, housing estates, business parks, resorts,
shopping centres, promenades and even game drives.

Suitable for personal or corporate this is a Fantastic, Innovative, Short Distance Travel Option to consider!

Ninebots feature a simple and elegant design that delivers stylish and convenient electric personal transportation. Riding is effortless, allowing riders to avoid traffic jams and it is faster and much more fun than walking. In addition the unit is affordable, green and can be charged at any standard electrical outlet.

The electrification of mobility devices is accelerating globally with technology and regulations moving closer to meet the market need for energy efficient and affordable short-distance travel. Never replacing our divine endowment of walking, Ninebot is your best mobility solution for efficient time/task-oriented application; for distance up to 25km and the electricity cost per kilometre is negligible.

Eco-Friendly, Smart, Self-Balancing, Fashionable personal transportation sets the standard for your
on-the-go-lifestyle and Superior Features Ensure a Fantastic Ride

Advantages of this portable transporter system include fast and safe travel time, reduced fatigue, enhanced productivity and a boost to corporate image. The vehicles can also be equipped with “clip on marketing boards” to promote your company and or your activity.


Self balancing intelligence
One wheel drive
Beautifully designed


Two-wheel Smart Balancing Scooter
Fashionable transport
Lights up your 10km-radius life circle